Celebrating outstanding achievements and important milestones is an organic part of the corporate culture. According to our experience, the gifts that are given to your employees to motivate them and reward their success should be unique and long-lasting. Just like in the case of our other products, we pay careful attention to create design objects which stand the test of time. The trophies we make fit perfectly into the profile of your company, and which will truly represent your brand and be treasured by those who were rewarded with them.

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Why is a custom-made and originally designed concrete trophy the best choice?

The trophies currently available on the market tend to be uniform and a little bit outdated. Important events and milestones, like an anniversary, the closure of an important project, or the recognition of the most excellent colleague’s performance are all occasions that deserve special attention. It is important to care for the details – the trophies themselves also have to be just as special as the occasions, as they are also in the center of attention – just like those who are being awarded. A trophy with custom design and production will be a lasting memorabilia, which will be admired with pride as the years pass by as well.

Several occasions to give and receive trophies

Corporate gifts for the employees to commemorate an anniversary or to reward them for their excellent accomplishments, a special gift for the management, an important milestone that has been reached by the collective effort of the company, a colleague’s retirement, or a farewell present for a colleague – these are just a few examples for events where a concrete trophy or gift can make the occasion perfect.

Custom made trophies for Design Terminal

Clear-cut choice for sporting events as well

It is just as important to reward incredible physical accomplishments, just like success in business, as the former also takes years of hard work to reach.

Concrete medals for winners of dragon boat award
The overall winners' concrete trophies at Hungarian Concrete Canoe Championship
Concrete acrylic dragon boat trophy for construction companies' competition

Concrete as a material serves as a great metaphor for the stamina, endurance, stability and strength represented by athletes. They deserve to be rewarded in a way that matches their – oftentimes superhuman – achievements, and the AB Concrete Design team is happy to take on the task of designing and producing medals and trophies for sporting events..

Why is it that the AB Concrete Design team is the most suitable for this task?

industrial design trophy

The design process starts with a brainstorming session that we have with the company’s representatives placing the order, hence we can guarantee that the trophies will give the ceremony the light of its countenance and fit into the company’s or event’s image. Thanks to the professional technology that we use and the over ten years of experience we have acquired in the field of designing and producing trophies, we can guarantee that after shipping the orders, both the ones who placed the order and the ones who are to receive the award will feel that the trophies live up to the prestige of the occasion.

How do we make our prizes even more unique?

trophy for business anniversary

In addition to the high-quality, professional grade concrete, we also use a number of additional materials for the objects. We make trophies and gifts even more exciting with glass, acrylic, wood or even metal elements.

Concrete itself, as a base material, already has a lot of potential in itself, both in form and texture. And when it comes to coloring, we can apply anything from pastel to bright, saturated colors: whatever the brand image requires. And if there is a demand for classic gold, silver and bronze coloring, which is also used at sporting events, we can also achieve a metallic effect on our prizes.

What about packaging?

It is important for us to craft the prizes with the packaging worthy of them, which also makes the work of the organizers much easier, as this way they have to pay special attention to one less small but essential detail.

Branded relic and custom made packaging made of plywood

We also consider whether the event in question is held online or offline, as prizes may get to the recipients differently depending on this factor. If required by the objects or the event itself, in addition to the packaging required for safe transport, we can also provide a gift box, which is designed individually for each occasion, as well as the objects. For example, when it comes to a traveling prize, we strongly recommend the gift box solution, as it is important that the trophy reaches the current winners safely over the years. Depending on your budget, there are many solutions to choose from, from cardboard to sponge-lined wooden box.

Designing and producing a trophy, a unique award or a corporate gift is the most honorable and at the same time the biggest professional challenge for us, as they also make AB Concrete Design a part of the occasion or event.