Countless possibilities to present awards and trophies

Professional or sports competitions, company celebrations, souvenir at the end of a successful project. Gifts for employees in recognition of a distinguished anniversary or outstanding achievement, gift for the manager, celebration of a milestone in the company’s life, anniversary events, a farewell gift for a retiring colleague or employee – these are just a few examples of where a concrete trophy or concrete gift can make the occasion perfect..

unique trophy design
custom made trophy design wooden acrylic concrete
Engraved concrete awards for the winners of Design Terminal mentoring programme
Custom made relic made of concrete and acrylic glass
Custom made relic trophy with university logo
Custom made relic for construction material company

Each event is unique, so do the trophies


The trophies and awards are dreamed up with our customers, so we can guarantee that they have exactly what they have imagined. We find the solution to every idea and our creativity provides added design value.

Is it possible to order something completely unique?

Naturally! Our earlier works can inspire you, but we realize your own idea. However, if you are unsure about details, we will be happy to help you figure it out..

We are looking for a challenge cup, which changes owner every year and we can add more and more inscriptions!

This is also possible. In this case, we design the object so that there is a surface where new inscriptions and names can be placed every years. If necessary, we can also do the annual inscription, or we can find a solution that can be implemented elsewhere. In the case of challenge cups we also recommend packaging due to multiple shipments.

I would like to see a photo or gradient graphics on the object!

There have been examples of this, too. Consult the designer at [email protected] about the files and formats required for production!

Custom made design concrete trophy for All Stars Project
Unique trophy design made of concrete and UV printed acrylic glass
I'm looking for a unique solution for a sporting event, but I also want medals in addition to trophies. Is it possible?

We’ve also done this before! Medals can be made of concrete or a combination of concrete and acrylic. You don’t have to worry about weight or damages because they are very light and lasting. You can even request them with the ribbon, which color can be also adjusted to the visual identity of the event.

Golden concrete medal for dragon boat competition winners
Dragon boat concrete trophies for construction companies competition
Concrete medals for winners of dragon boat award

An infinite variety of materials and ideas

Thanks to our expertise in material combinations, in addition to high-quality professional concrete material, we also use a number of additional materials for our objects. Glass, acrylic, wood and metal elements make trophies and awards even more exciting.

As with materials, there are many options for lettering and logos too, from engraving to painting

Beside the material combinations, there is always something common in the items from our workshop: we design clean, timeless pieces that can be worthy of decorating an office or living room for decades.

How much does a trophy or award cost?

Due to the fact that this is an individual order, we can only give a price offer after consultation and conciliation. When asking for an offer, be sure to include the following information: number of pieces, deadline, text and inscriptions to put on, logo or corporate visual identity to see what colors and fonts we can work with. In addition, ideas about the color of concrete, the shape of the object, or other material combinations can help with the pre-calculation.

I already have a finished design, I just need a manufacturer. Is this possible?

Naturally! Send the designs with dimensions and material descriptions to our designer at [email protected]. Then we can discuss whether the plan is feasible or needs to be modified before production.

I would also like to have gift box or packaging for the trophies or awards.

Yes, we can design and produce lasting, elegant packaging for the objects according to the needs and costs. Due to the fact that the trophies  and awards are unique, we also design the packaging individually. But we are good at that too!

Custom made branded relic with wood giftbox for cement factory
Branded relic and custom made packaging made of plywood
Custom made trophy with plywood gift box
Custom made trophy with plywood gift box

” The unique concrete pedestal was the worthy final step of a monumental development project. With its unique solutions, this unusual gift reflects the importance of modernization at the cement factory. “

– DDC Ltd., Hungary (Duna-Dráva Cement Kft.)

Custom concrete trophy award for event supporters

” Thanks again – you guys really do a great service!

They arrived safely and the look amazing – everyone loves them – thank you! “

All Stars Project of the San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Designing and producing a trophy, unique prize or award is our most honorable – and also the most challenging – task, as AB Concrete Design becomes part of the event.

Custom made trophies for Design Terminal
Mentor programme ceremony with concrete designer trophy
The mentoring programme winners with concrete trophy

The highlight of the event is in talented hands

AB Concrete Design & Gifts is Hungary's leading design concrete studio, founded in 2012 by Anita Boldog. Many years of experience, experimentation and research are behind us, and still being part of our everyday lives. This strong professional background ensures the manufacture of high quality design gifts and products.
ARCHICON collection - The brief story..
The ARCHICON corporate gift collection was born in 2016, during the scholarship time of our founder designer at László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant in which she studied business partner gift culture. For corporate customers, we provide concrete partner gifts and unique design solutions. With our professional technology reproduces even the finest lines. We can display any logo, graphic or inscription with maximum accuracy and aesthetics on concrete or packaging, too. Thanks to our production background, we can easily fulfill orders up to hundreds of pieces. Our customer base includes not only construction companies and architectural firms, but also public institutions, organizations, universities and event management companies.
You can find the complete coporate gift product range here. For a custom price offer, please contact the designer directly at [email protected]. Also worth to visit our webshop for many more colorful concrete gifts and products!
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