Professional technology that allows us to replicate any graphics, logos or inscriptions on the concrete surface and on the packaging. That is the proof that each and every customer of ours will be presented with a representative partner gift which has great added value, regardless of what the profile of their company might be.

This is what the AB Concrete Design team has to offer.

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Concrete trophies and awards

flying race trophies 1
concrete trophy

We designed our home decor products in a way that they can
blend with any environment, fit to the atmosphere of the given space,
and also serve the purpose of use that
the space and their owner require.

Everyone has IKEA furniture at home. But how can we turn these unique, our own?

We collaborate with Trickea Decor Hacks for a concrete knob collection’s product design and manufacturing development! Check out our cool solutions for making your furniture more unique!

Terrazzo design round shaped knobs for ikea hackers
Trickea - decor hacks partner - logo
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White terrazzo concrete cabinet knobs with blue glass
terrazzo design concrete cabinet buttoms for ikea furnitures
hexagon shaped concrete knobs for ikea fans
Hexagon shaped concrete cabinet knobs for your ikea furnitures
Unique white terrazzo concrete cabiner knobs for your ikea furniture