If in need for a more elegant and unique company pin design…

Welcome to the world of high-end, custom-designed thus surely outstanding corporate badges and pins made of concrete. Concrete is an elegant and noble substance. Therefore it’s globally understood and sensed as a high-value material which is also a synonym of durability, endurance, strong connection through all circumstances. Perfect as a gift or as an everyday identification symbol.

Concrete pin with engraved custom made logo for employees

Our concrete pins and badges can be the perfect icon of your venture, department, club, association or project. Whether looking for a designer accessory for your teammates or a conference gift, a uniform’s accessory or a gift, it sure will be worn proudly!

Is 100% custom design possible?

Absolutely. You can choose between already popular, pre-designed templates or commission us to create a totally new and unique design item expressing your very own brand / project / event identity.

Companies typically order it for:

Universities, non-profit organisations, small and big businesses – just to mention a few.

Pins and badges can strengthen company identity, unifye office outfit, employee appreciation, as a graduation gift, for celebrating an important landmark on the firm’s / institution’s / department’s / project’s lifetime.

Unifying Power

Unique, quality solutions are becoming more common in the corporate uniforms’ world. Our unisex badges, while representing the company, offer a simple solution: no need for customized uniforms, just this accessory.

And if you are looking for a small but enduring and extravagant special gift for the guest of a conference or event that goes beyond the boring world of pens, you have found the solution in our concrete badges!

Concrete design accessory as corporate business gift

100% unique design – customized shapes and logos

The basic shape of the pins will be adjusted to the logo of the customer’s company. With our technique that ensures that even the slightest details will appear on the design we can reproduce the logo in a linear or saturated versions.

Several solutions for packaging

The color and graphic elements (e.g. label, logo) of the packaging are always tailored to the order, so they will fit perfectly with your company or event visual identity. You can choose our products with:

thank-you gifts for employees

cardboard card

Brand identity custom made corporate gifts with branded packaging

folded cardboard card, which works great as a table card

cardboard gift box with elegant sponge insert

How does designing process and pricing work?
We choose the shape of pins and badges to make it fit to the proportions of the logo. Then we combine the shape and the logo to create various designs. Given the number of orders, visuals are already shipped with prices (visual designing is free, but we need a vector logo to do it).
If the visualization is not enough, can we chose the final version with the help of 1:1 sample?

Yes! At your request, we can produce an acrylic sample to show the design (e.g. line or saturated graphics, relief or printed logos) and the metal fastener. The sample differs only in its material from the final version.

Is it also possible to have a packaging design ready?

We can also packaging with ready-to-use graphic design. If you have your own graphic artist, he or she can also design the box: we’ll send you a packing plan, your graphic designer need to send us back the ready-to-use version, so you can get your concrete gifts with your own design.

Corporate gift idea for construction company's business clients

“We love the pattern and the badge itself, because of the hard intellectual and developmental work, while the material is stable and timeless.”   Tiba Architects Studio

Sharp details on concrete texture

“The badges are very small, so they require meticulous work. We are very pleased with them, and the students liked this kind of innovation.“   –  Szent István University’s Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture

Concrete pins with logo for corporate uniform

“The concrete badges made for Duna-Dráva Cement Kft. (DDC) and Betontechnológia Centrum Kft. (BTC) not only show unique and exciting forms, but also represent the two companies in a great way at professional events, lectures and meetings as part of the colleagues’ uniform.” Duna-Dráva Cement Kft (DDC Ltd.)

Some references from our previous corporate badge projects

Your firm’s future ID artwork is in talented hands

AB Concrete Design & Gifts is Hungary's leading design concrete studio, founded in 2012 by Anita Boldog. Many years of experience, experimentation and research are behind us, and still being part of our everyday lives. This strong professional background ensures the manufacture of high quality design gifts and products.
ARCHICON collection - The brief story..
The ARCHICON corporate gift collection was born in 2016, during the scholarship time of our founder designer at László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant in which she studied business partner gift culture. For corporate customers, we provide concrete partner gifts and unique design solutions. With our professional technology reproduces even the finest lines. We can display any logo, graphic or inscription with maximum accuracy and aesthetics on concrete or packaging, too. Thanks to our production background, we can easily fulfill orders up to hundreds of pieces. Our customer base includes not only construction companies and architectural firms, but also public institutions, organizations, universities and event management companies.
You can find the complete coporate gift product range here. For a custom price offer, please contact the designer directly at [email protected]. Also worth to visit our webshop for many more colorful concrete gifts and products!
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Some completed corporate identity badge projects