AB Concrete Design Projects – Best of 2021

concrete design greenhouse

We received countless exciting assignments last year and we think the best way to recall them is to put together a list. We have an important and eventful year behind us, full of challenges and inspiring collaborations. In this article, we take a look at moments in the life of a brand, highlighting projects we’re really proud of. We hope that in 2022 we will have a similar year full of professional challenges and work, and we wish the best to all our customers.

Our awards were the most popular this year

trophies for best employees

In 2021, we were most often approached to make awards, which is a huge pleasure for us. It was a great feeling to come up with ideas for each order and project, and to create the visual look that we could feel for ourselves. Of course, we will be at the disposal of our old and new customers this year as well, so that many, many more aesthetic prizes can be made.

We are glad that our favorite raw material has been made so popular that our concrete trophies will be held at special events and it is already clear to our customers that such high-prestige objects can be made from this raw material in our workplace. The popularity of concrete as a raw material fills us with pride. In the case of objects, concrete fits gently and aesthetically with other materials, representing a timeless value.

Concrete adventures in the world of the car market – 2 projects and a total of 100 awards

Pappas Car Award Project 2021

One of the largest volume projects in 2021 was the request for the Pappas Car, in which we created 99 prizes. The occasion was the company’s 30th anniversary, during which the awards for the best of the year 2020, designed and manufactured by AB Concrete Design, were awarded. The awards were presented in three categories to the best of last year, and these were Best Location, Best Service Team, and Best Sales Team. During the design, Pappas Car’s image manual was the guide.

design trophies for best teams
trophy for business anniversary
concrete acrylic trophies for best employees

The colors blue and gray dominate, while we used their own fonts, and we took the angles of inclination from the star shape of the company logo, which also appears in the form of the concrete element as well as the acrylic sheet pattern.

We’ve previously reported on this blog about this large-scale project. Details here.

trophy making for pappas

Most Popular Used Car of the Year Award 2020

With the order of Használtautó.hu we produced a total of 100 prizes for the car market, the company contacted us in connection with the ordering of a trophy. We were pleased with the invitation and the trust we voted for. The trophy is the award for the most popular used car of the year, which in 2020 was the Skoda Octavia.

hasznaltautohu dij 2020

This project also posed other challenges and it is great that different ideas and different visual elements have to be designed into the concrete unit every time. At the time of creating this award, the company’s diploma for the occasion was the leader, meaning we were asked to display the color gold and the graphic elements. An object larger in size and combined with masculine notes, yet elegant, was born. We have already written about the details of the project on our blog.

Airplanes after Cars – Special Prize for the First Dunakeszi Gliding Championship

It was a great honor for the team of AB Concrete Design when we were asked to prepare one of the special prizes of the First Dunakeszi Gliding Championship. Feedback is always important to us and it is a pleasure to meet satisfied customers. Our client told us about the trophy and the event: “The trophy you have made, in memory of id. László Balasi [who was a legendary figure in the Dunakeszi glider and the concrete industry, so the implementation was perfect], we handed over the last day’s task to the winner. ”

custom made trophy
concrete trophy manufacture
painted unique trophy
painted unique award

Gliding after golf competition – Concrete trophies for the ÉPDUFERR Cup golf competition

The prizes were designed for the construction company ÉPDUFERR Zrt. Were prepared for a truly special event, a golf competition sponsored by the company. An important aspect of the design was that the company’s logo, a stylized building, and its profile, the general construction, would return. Following the award ceremony, we received the following feedback from the company regarding our work: “We were very pleased to have found AB Concrete Design, as we wanted the awards to reflect the construction industry – the general construction, the main activity of our company. Although this was the first time we had ordered such unique products from a designer and it is certainly not the last time. In the future, we would like to order gifts, whether for a corporate event or a similar award ceremony, or for our colleagues. After consultation, planning and execution, we received unique, perfect quality awards for the requested deadline, for which we are very grateful.”

concrete company logo
ranked trophies made of concrete

We have already written about the details of the project on our blog here.

In 2021, we had many, many projects. It is always a challenge and a good feeling to be approached for a new initiative and we look forward to long-term cooperation. You can find more information about our Trophy / Prize service here.  We are available for any questions or requests related to the service.

Joint projects between AB Concrete Design and Grofie Greenwalls

Last year we not only abounded in award planning! Together with Grofie Greenwalls, we work at the meeting point of concrete and flora. Previously, an interview article entitled Plants and Concrete – A Common Mission for Liveable Cities was published on our blog, in which the founder, biologist Tamás Koltai, talks in detail about common thinking, projects and answers more questions about how design is related to habitat creation and urban vegetation.

koltai tamas grofie greenwalls founder

We also dealt with joint product development, we expanded the corporate gift offer with a product called FLORA. A florarium, also known as a bottle garden, is a closed ecosystem in which plants grow in a virtually self-sustaining manner. Due to the design, the living conditions created in the glass are the same as the natural habitats of the plants. In the florarium, we have found the best fulfillment of our common mission: to create habitat where no one would expect it.

custom made florarium
florarium with concrete covering
bottle garden with concrete
bottle garden design
concrete designer greenhouse

This work is an excellent illustration of how versatile and open AB Concrete Design is to various collaborations, which also includes criteria for design thinking and artistic creativity.

Our first habitat creation project was also successfully completed, in the spring of 2021 our designer was approached by the management of the Gravel Business of Duna-Dráva Cement Kft.

To install floating objects on the lake of the Ócsa gravel mine as a nesting place for the protected birds living there. The floating islands planted with plants were designed jointly with Tamás Koltai, and the first three prototypes were installed in the autumn.
We’ve previously reported on this blog about this large-scale project. Details here.

Celebrating Corporate Anniversaries with Unique Design Awards

Market Zrt. Is 25 years old: Award to the management

We would like to congratulate you on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the company and it is an honor to celebrate the awards we have made. In their new logo, the company name was added to the number 25, so it was clear that the number 25 was at the beginning of the prize. Light gray, industrial concrete blocks were poured with a perforated surface.


The logo has been placed in the lower left corner, following exactly the colors of the company’s image, and in the upper right corner we have pasted the names of the gifted top executives with subtle, detailed sculptures. The result is a clean concrete block with a little creative screw.

Pakole Group Celebrated its 30th Anniversary

The group has been a key player in the European industrial heating technology market for more than 30 years, exporting its own products to 18 countries in Europe and Asia. A ceremony was organized for the anniversary, for which we created 65 individual awards, which were distributed among the leading employees. The design was based on the awards prepared for the 2020 Portfolio Conference, which the customer liked the most. After a preliminary consultation, the graphic designs were received from the customer. The wood pedestal glazed with walnut wood is complemented by our clear acrylic and super-thin concrete coating.

custom made anniversary gift
company anniversary gifting
branded anniversary gift

We also made the Hungary Sugar-Free Cake Award in 2021

AB Concrete Design created the Country Cake Award for the first time this year based on the graphic designs of Anna Duboczky, which was one of the highlights of 2021 for our team. It is a special honor for the Egy Csepp Figyelem Alapítvány, the organizer of the event, to ask us to prepare the prize. The competition was won by Krisztián Füredi, the confectioner of the Hisztéria Cukrászda in Tápiószecső, with his cake called Rose of Bistrița.

az ev cukormentes tortaja 2021 nyertes

The project is also very close to our hearts because the photo and design of the award were also featured in the Arany Rajzszög ’s Exhibition, which was created in recognition of outstanding creators working in the genre of graphic design  and their creations. With the criteria of freshness and modernity, an object could be created that a confectioner could confidently display in his workshop and confectionery.

az ev cukormentes tortaja dij 2021
az ev cukormentes tortaja 2021 furedi krisztian

More details and photos about the project here.

Industrial Style Concrete Awards for the Budapest Innovation Group

designer trophy
custom design trophy
trophy manufacturer
logo on trophy object

We created awards for the summer leadership team building event of the Budapest Innovation Group – BIG Association, in which we could show that the concrete can be not only gray, but also exciting and pleasant in color. The concrete blocks cast in a rustic style were painted with the company’s corporate identity colors, and the inscriptions were placed on these colored surfaces. This project is especially dear to us, we love it if our customer can confidently accept the really concrete texture.

Regarding the prizes awarded, our customer stated: “This was our first experience, we really liked that we received a very high quality prize according to the deadline and flexibly, tailored to our needs. We recommend AB Concrete Design because the products are very good value for money. and excellent communication with the customer.”
Thank you for your trust!

Corporate Christmas gifts from AB Concrete Design

It is a great honor and happiness to be able to hand over hundreds of souvenirs designed and made by us to our customers this year as well.

concrete christmas ornament for companies

Among the corporate gift orders at the end of the year, the most popular were our concrete Christmas tree decorations based on the graphic designs of Eszter Muray. The pieces in the collection of six different shapes were available individually packaged and in multi-piece sets. We were able to design countless variations of the packaging tailored to the image of the ordering company. The decorations were exclusive, special and lasting business gifts that will come out during the festive period each year. We highlight three of these projects so that we will be able to give ideas to our current and future clients for this year’s Christmas period.

MBS Plus Kft chose our ornaments
in snow white with elegant silver packaging

The gifted ones are the managers and employees of the domestic and foreign companies that have a business or partnership relationship with the company, as well as our own employees. The ornaments were individually wrapped as a companion gift in a transparent pouch with a white logo cardboard closure on a silver background. We received this kind feedback about the project:

christmas ornaments business gift
christmas business gift
christmas gift branded packaging
christmas corporation gifts

“Based on our experience, we have experienced a fair, yet person-centered attitude on their part, which is highly inspiring about the company. And with the small gifts (earrings) we received with the order, it was a great pleasure for us.”
Details and more photos on the blog!

Three-piece sets in a cardboard gift box for Design Terminal

The Christmas tree decorations ordered in the set also stand out as a stand-alone gift. The decorations were also ordered from the Design Terminal in snow white, in triple sets, which were packed in a black cardboard box. A cardboard tape with the logo was placed on the top of the box.

concrete business gift for christmas
christmas giftbox for companies
christmas ornament set for design terminal

This solution is an aesthetic and elegant form of placing the logo, as there is no need to display the logo directly on the souvenir. If the gift is quality, appropriate and functional, the gifted person will always remember the occasion and the person from whom it was received.

Colorful, terrazzo versions for construction workers

Moratus Szerkezetépítő Kft ordered the decorations in color, which it distributed among its employees at the company event at the end of the year. We wrapped the ornaments one by one in a nylon bag and sealed them with glossy black cardboard on top, on which we printed the logo. On the surface of the ornaments, in addition to the pebbles in the material, colored parts appear on the polished parts, forming a random pattern. We’re glad we were able to use these colors in combination with terrazzo technology in this project, so completely unique pieces were born.

You can read more about our corporate Christmas gifts here!

You can see we weren’t bored last year either! We were able to design awards, smaller items, take part in innovative projects and it’s great to be able to work on a number of projects now that will be actually implemented in 2022. These few examples that are now visible and these are not for the whole of 2021, we have just tried to give ideas and show our existing and future customers in all categories that they can count on AB Concrete Design for many types of projects.

We would like to thank you for your many inquiries, your joint work and your trust! This year, in 2022, we will continue to develop the brand with new designs and ideas, and we will work to provide a high-quality service to all our customers from now on.