For many decades, the cufflink has been a truly personal, unique addition to men’s clothing. In recent years, more and more people wear this accessory again to carry an exciting twist on their clothing

Our men’s accessory can be the perfect gift for your key partners, important clients or your colleagues. If you are looking for a product that does not end wasted, you have found the right one.! ((now wpml happens test here2))

Concrete Cufflink blue-white being adjusted by a suited man

Personal and timeless gifts

We follow the evolution of corporate gift culture: in recent years, it has become more common to have the logo or label only on the packaging. If you surprise your customers with a memorable gift, there’s no need to have the logo on the gift – it will be an eternal memory without the logo on them.  They will love to wear them. Design cufflinks are usually worn on special occasions, so a close relationship can be established between the items and the recipient. This will make them like to think about the giver, which can be a tool for branding, too.

Packaging that doesn’t end up in the trash

Cool cufflinks as corporate gifts for buiness partners with custom made giftbox

We all know the exciting moments before opening a gift, where packaging also plays a big role. It must be perfect as the first impression is unrepeatable. We have countless packaging solutions because it is important for us that packaging doesn’t end up in the trash.

We work with high quality cardboard and various techniques so your logo can be displayed gently and elegantly on a lasting and elegant surface – we pay the same attention to the product and the packaging.
According to our customers ‘feedback, the cufflinks’ gift boxes remain in use as long as the buttons themselves: the recipients continue to store the concrete accessory in them.


I would like to customize the gift box and the cufflink with our company logo. Is it possible?

Yes! First, we select the appropriate basic shape based on the proportions of the logo, and then we create a variety of designs with a vector logo. Based on these, you can easily decide which solution (eg. lined or saturated graphics, 3D or print) is your favorite.

Is it also possible to have a packaging design ready?

We can also packaging with ready-to-use graphic design. If you have your own graphic artist, he or she can also design the box: we’ll send you a packing plan, your graphic designer need to send us back the ready-to-use version, so you can get your concrete gifts with your own design.

I would like to present our male and female partners with design concrete jewels.

Jewelry is the perfect choice for all your partners. We have worked on several orders where we made cufflinks for male partners, necklaces, earrings or jewelry sets for ladies. We can coordinate the packaging of different concrete jewelry, and you can request corporate gifts in exactly the same or different gift boxes.

Exclusive designer concrete jewels as corporate gifts with customized giftbox for Skanska
Concrete jewels for business partners with customized packaging
Concrete pendant and cufflinks in giftbox

Our concrete cufflinks are produced in two different styles, and they come in three classic concrete colours (white, grey, and anthracite), with two different surfaces (polished and unpolished). 

With our finest detail rendering technology, we can display a pattern or your business logo in many different version, or even with colored painting. Our products are made with accessories made of hypoallergenic, silver coloured, stainless steel, so they are safe and comfortable to wear for everyone.

Our cufflinks are available in a variety of packages to suit the customer’s requirements and the occasion. Both the logo and the color of the cardboard are implemented as requested by the customer. For the unusual and form-breaking concrete gift boxes, the logo can be placed on the concrete box, on the wooden or plexiglass cover, or on a cardboard tape.

Can metal accessories cause allergic reactions?

Our products are made with silver-colored anti-allergenic medical metal accessories, so they are safe and comfortable for everyone to wear.

I just want only a pair of cufflinks with monogram. Is that possible?

Yes! In the case of cufflinks, besides companies, we also fulfill individual orders. You can choose a basic shape of circle or square, letter will be engraved on them. We are happy to discuss the details with you, reach us at [email protected]!

TERRAZZO cufflinks – exclusive gifts for your most important clients

The terrazzo accessories make the dark gray, smooth surface of concrete exciting with playful, vibrant yellow particles mixed into the material. The different patterns and polished surfaces provide fans of design and concrete different possibilities – they are the perfect finish to creative man’s outfit who is open to novelties and extreme solutions. You can also choose from the designer cufflinks from our webshop, which are also available in unique, customized packaging.

Cool designer cufflinks made of concrete
Concrete Cufflink blue-white being adjusted by a suited man
Concrete Cufflink dark-yellow

Designer’s Thoughts

Elegant concrete cufflinks in bright tones

“Cufflinks are our most demanding products, that’s why each piece is self-casting and grinding. During the material experiments on them I started to get acquainted with the terrazzo technique, which was a very important experience as a designer. I got immediately captivated by the one-time and unrepeatable pattern. Essentially, we see a segment of a material that has a number of unique components. I added tiny plastic particles to this, whose random shape and appearance makes the polished planes even more unique. The most exciting part of their production is when the colored parts appear during grinding. ”

Anita Boldog, designer, CEO founder

Some examples from our previous corporate gift cufflinks projects with different packaging solutions

AB Concrete Design & Gifts is Hungary's leading design concrete studio, founded in 2012 by Anita Boldog. Many years of experience, experimentation and research are behind us, and still being part of our everyday lives. This strong professional background ensures the manufacture of high quality design gifts and products.
ARCHICON collection - The brief story..
The ARCHICON corporate gift collection was born in 2016, during the scholarship time of our founder designer at László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant in which she studied business partner gift culture. For corporate customers, we provide concrete partner gifts and unique design solutions. With our professional technology reproduces even the finest lines. We can display any logo, graphic or inscription with maximum accuracy and aesthetics on concrete or packaging, too. Thanks to our production background, we can easily fulfill orders up to hundreds of pieces. Our customer base includes not only construction companies and architectural firms, but also public institutions, organizations, universities and event management companies.
You can find the complete coporate gift product range here. For a custom price offer, please contact the designer directly at [email protected]. Also worth to visit our webshop for many more colorful concrete gifts and products!
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Some completed custom corporate cufflink projects