For many decades, the cufflink has been a truly personal, unique addition to men’s clothing. In recent years, more and more people wear this accessory again to carry an exciting twist on their clothing.

Our men’s accessory can be the perfect gift for your key partners, important clients or your colleagues. If you are looking for a product that does not end wasted, you have found the right one!

Concrete Cufflink blue-white being adjusted by a suited man

Our concrete cufflinks are produced in two different styles, and they come in three classic concrete colours (white, grey, and anthracite), with two different surfaces (polished and unpolished). 

With our finest detail rendering technology, we can display a pattern or your business logo in many different version, or even with colored painting. Our products are made with accessories made of hypoallergenic, silver coloured, stainless steel, so they are safe and comfortable to wear for everyone.

Our cufflinks are available in a variety of packages to suit the customer’s requirements and the occasion. Both the logo and the color of the cardboard are implemented as requested by the customer. For the unusual and form-breaking concrete gift boxes, the logo can be placed on the concrete box, on the wooden or plexiglass cover, or on a cardboard tape.

Terrazzo Cufflinks

You can also choose from the designer cufflinks from our webshop, which are also available in unique, customized packaging.

The terrazzo accessories make the dark gray, smooth surface of concrete exciting with playful, vibrant coloured particles mixed into the material. The different patterns and polished surfaces provide fans of design and concrete different possibilities – they are the perfect finish to creative man’s outfit who is open to novelties and extreme solutions.

Concrete Cufflinks terazzo blue-white DELTA
Designer concrete cufflinks with terrazzo pattern in anthracite and yellow
Gray terrazzo concrete cufflinks with tiny red parts
Bright concrete cufflinks perfect christmas gifts for gentlemen
Designer terrazzo cufflinks with unique packaging perfect gift idea for business men
Gray and red terrazzo cufflinks with gift box

AB Concrete Design is Hungary’s leading design concrete studio, founded by Anita Boldog in 2012. Our continuously expanding product range includes concrete jewelries, men’s accessories, home decors and office equipment. For corporate customers, we provide concrete partner gifts and unique design solutions.

If you want an offer, please contact us at; if you are looking for our products, visit our webshop!