Concrete is a beautiful, versatile and exclusive material with infinite possibilities.

Concrete pin with engraved custom made logo for employees

Whether we are developing our own designs or working on commissions everything is based on concrete from the first idea throughout the whole design process. We don’t want to change its nature, but accept and showcase its unique beauty. After years of experiments and research, we have a strong expertise in producing high quality, professional, concrete design products, manufactured in large quantities.

From whimsical porcelain to professional concrete design

AB concrete design was founded by Anita Boldog, who started her studies as a porcelain designer. Later at a workshop she meet concrete as a material for high design value objects and fell in love with it. She hadn’t look back ever since.

It was a surprise for her teachers and environment that she chose a 600 kilogram floating concrete island as her diploma project and she manufactured it. Floaties turned out to be a success and she founded her company right after graduation. She is a highly creative and curious designer with a natural curiosity for the new. Experiments, research and discover new technologies are her strongest assets with the highest level of professionalism.

She is the designer behind every AB concrete design project.

In the past 10 years she succeeded to develop a small, highly-trained team for manufacturing that helps her to fulfill larger quantity orders.

Boldog Anita concrete designer - founder of AB Concrete Design

Anita Boldog

founder of AB Concrete Design

The AB Concrete Design Team

Here are some thoughts from the people, who day-by-day contribute to elevating the AB Concrete Design brand and success

Zaszkaliczky Anna brand manager

Anna Eszter Zászkaliczky

brand manager

After almost three years working together, I am still obsessed with AB Concrete Design’s amazing products. They represent the very best of the Hungarian design: quality, uniqueness, minimalist style, maximalist craftsmanship. As brand manager I communicate, write, talk, and sometimes even dream about concrete.

Borítás W Viktor web developer

Viktor W Borítás

web developer

AB Concrete Design gained my trust and support with its truly hardworking and forward looking design ethos. Anita is just creating an exciting hyper-detailed Universe out of concrete. It’s clear, that with constant curiosity and a hungry mind – equipped with the finest craftsmanship and humble tenacity – one can create amazing and valuable things without a stop.

Muray Eszter graphic designer

Eszter Muray

graphic designer

I bring 5 years of London/NL graphic design cred to AB and it is still just as much of a privilege to collaborate on the brand with Anita as it was 7 years ago when I joined the story. The professionalism, technical knowledge, sheer creativity, and love that Anita brings to all aspects of her company make any and every project a brilliant experience, whether it be packaging, art direction or product collaboration that we embark upon together. AB has inspired me greatly and being part of this concrete story is an exciting privilege.

Zsanna Soltész-Puzsér design assistant at AB Concrete Design

Zsanna Soltész-Puzsér

design assistant

It has been a couple of years since I got to know Anita and AB Concrete Design. They taught me how to work with concrete and the importance of hard work and great craftsmanship. I’m amazed by Anita’s creativity, uniqueness and her curiosity. As a design assistant, I help with product development and manufacturing, making 3D models and visualizations.

Our key partners

We are proud to have a close and solid partnership with MC-Bauchemie Hungary. Thanks to them we can work with the latest, high quality, German concrete mixes, surface treatments and materials.

To ensure the highest quality in service and the most innovative concrete designs, we partnered with the outstanding FabLab Budapest. During the product development phase we cooperate with their tenured engineers, while in the prototyping phase Fab Lab’s up-to date machinery is available for us.

Design studio 3d printing
Concrete design studio stillife
Building materials at concrete design studio's workshop
3d printing at FabLab Budapest
Concrete design object producing process
Concrete workshop stillife
Craft and design studio stillife