We at AB Concrete Design believe that a representative partner gift can be exciting, attention-grabbing, memorable and unique. In the life of a company one special occasion comes after another: signing the first business deal, gaining the first international partner, or taking part in an important meeting, which can all provide the perfect chance to make the moment more memorable by presenting the other party with a gift.

designer concrete gifts

We are convinced that a promotional gift has to be original, and of a high standard, radiating professionalism and faithfully representing the company. The purpose of giving these gifts is not to have them end up on the bottom of a drawer with all the other forgotten promotional products. We wish to seem them displayed on our partners’ desks, in their offices, on their social media platforms, and in their homes. The mission of AB Concrete Design is to achieve this for our partners – from the design process through production, all the way to packaging. Let us show how we do it.

To whom do we recommend our representative partner gifts?

We recommend them to everyone, who agrees that it is important for such a gift to be lasting, to hold its value and to be unique. Choosing to use concrete as the material for them can be an easy choice for construction companies, architecture firms or any design related company, yet this special and unexpected material, combined with original designs will bring on a great amount of added value for everyone who decides to order from us. The professional technology we use allows us to ingrave the most intricate lines on a concrete surface, hence we can replicate any logo, graphic design or inscription with the highest level of aesthetics on the objects and on the packaging as well.

A unique material, 10 years of experience, completely personalized design.

Professional technology that allows us to replicate any graphics, logos or inscriptions on the concrete surface and on the packaging. That is what the AB Concrete Design team has to offer. That is the proof that each and every customer of ours will be presented with a representative partner gift which has great added value, regardless of what the profile of their company might be.

Concrete pin with engraved custom made logo for employees

Our design objects, which are both developed and produced by us – besides their unique design value – are conversation starters and are very memorable. That is how we can make sure that your representative partner gifts will not end up to be forgotten on the bottom of a drawer, but that they will be proudly displayed by your partners who will show them off, use them, and grow the good reputation of your company. There is no need to look for a chance to give a gift like that, these attention-drawing and unique gifts are capable of making any event special – let that be a business meeting, a conference, a company event or a partner meeting. The look on your partners’ faces will be the proof.

Geometric designer jewelry for business outfit or casual wear


Accessories that will be happily worn by your partners, both in the office and outside of work.

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Concrete pins & badges

Stylish and modern badges, which represent the togetherness of the member of the company and uniformize the colleagues’ outfits.

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Concrete cufflink variations with custom shape, color, texture and logo options by AB Concrete Design


An old classic reborn – a no-brainer of a choice for your male business partners.

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A multi-functional gift which is a perfect accessory for both office and home interiors.

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Modern tabletop photo holder
B2B gift collection in brutalist style made of concrete


Shrunken versions of buildings, which will forever abolish the boring stationary holders – an award winning design collection.

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One of a kind design objects, and for this reason it is twice as much of an honour to receive them.

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concrete award manufacturer
Christmas ornament Santa Claus the perfect business gift idea

Christmas ornaments

Extra light, playful ornaments, which will be hung on your partners’ Christmas trees year after year.

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Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd

“Working together, we have experienced flexible and smooth collaboration, and they have provided our company with excellent products that we are proud to wear and show to the outside world as well. We recommend it to all those who want quality and uniqueness!”

All Stars Project
Francisco Bay Area, USA

” Thanks again – you guys really do a great service! They arrived safely and the look amazing – everyone loves them – thank you! “

Indamedia Sales Ltd.

“Professional attitude and maximum attention accompanied our cooperation, which went smoothly. The end result is a sophisticated, unique designer creation that reflects our original ideas one hundred percent.

Simplon Marketplace Ltd. / Fintech.hu 

“The beautiful prizes speak for themselves, but we were also very satisfied with the background work and the negotiations, the cooperation was great. I was indescribably grateful for the kind tone of voice and flexibility. We felt throughout that this was not just one project among many. We were given real attention even though we had no previous acquaintance.”

Szent István University’s Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture

“The badges are very small, so they require meticulous work. We are very pleased with them, and the students liked this kind of innovation.“ 


“Again due to our positive experience; quality, uniqueness, flexibility and yet fast execution.”

Hungarian Lutheran Church

“The brand represents an ideal – professionalism, dedication, commitment to quality, durability, and added value in detail – that can appeal to companies that profess the same. I would like to recommend it to all customers who identify with these values ​​while getting a truly creative solution after thinking together.”

Design Terminal

“The Design Terminal strives to support Hungarian entrepreneurs, we also keep this aspect in mind when choosing a product. We have worked together on other projects several times. Originally, I don’t know how the two companies met, but now it’s almost clear that we’re asking for AB Concrete design work for one of our projects.”

MBS Plus Ltd. 

“Based on our experience, we have experienced a fair, yet person-centered attitude on their part, which is highly inspiring about the company. And with the small gifts (earrings) we received with the order, it was a great pleasure for us.” 

TIBA Architects Studio

“We love the pattern and the badge itself, because of the hard intellectual and developmental work, while the material is stable and timeless.”

Adevinta Classified Media Hungary Ltd.

“The reason why we would absolutely recommend AB Concrete Design is that their products and services can be tailored according to the person or company who places the order, and the design and production parts are customizable as well. They are also punctual and effective, both in the field of production and communication – these are all vital components of good cooperation.”

The Directorate General for Audit of European Funds

“The products are beautiful, stylish, restrained”

Budapest Innovation Group

 “This was our first experience, we really liked that we received a very high quality awards according to the deadline and flexibly, tailored to our needs. We recommend AB Concrete Design because the products are very good value for money. and excellent communication with the customer.”