Unique Concrete Design Gifts
for Institutions, Companies, Business Partners and Employees

AB Concrete Design & Gifts is the leading concrete gift design studio based in Budapest, founded by Anita Boldog an award-winning concrete designer. Since its 2012 founding AB has sold thousands of exclusive concrete design gifts and have successfully worked with dozens of great companies such as MC-Bauchemie, LafargeHolcim, CRH and DDC.

Our goal is to offer the most suitable business gifts from our diverse product range, which faithfully represent the value of the company to its partners, while being a valuable, lasting designer product.

To whom do we recommend our representative partner gift collections?

Everyone to who matters that the gift of the company is lasting, valuable and unique. Concrete as a material can be a clear choice for construction companies, design firms or design-oriented companies, but the specialty, unusualness and unique design of the products means enormous added value for every customer. With our professional processes we can create any sophisticated line or reproduce any logo, artwork, or visual element on the concrete or on the packaging with maximum aesthetics.

Our own design products – besides the unique added value – are conversation starters and memorable. Your business gifts designed by AB concrete design won’t forgotten in the darkness of a drawer, but they will be proudly exhibited, showed, used, and taken on the reputation of your company.

Concrete design business gift idea for women partners
Business gift ideas for female business partners
Business gift for female partners / employees


Clear look, pinpoint details, finely crafted surfaces – everything that makes a business gift unforgettable.

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Concrete pins

The perfect representative for your company’s colleagues or the key to have an unforgettable event.

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colored concrete pins for graduate students
Sharp details on concrete texture
Concrete pin with triangle pattern made for architects
Concrete pin with brand identity custom made package
Custom made concrete pins for corporate uniformes
Colored printed concrete pin for cement techology company's employees
Branded custom made cufflinks for business partners
Concrete cufflinks in custom giftbox with logo. An excellent corporate gift.
Corporate gift cufflinks with branded giftbox


A classic has reborn – completed with your company’s logo, thus you can surprise your clients with something really special.

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Business card holder

If it is important that the gift is not only beautiful but also useful.

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custom made gifts idea for business clients
Designer concrete business card holder for business partners
Branded business card holder for clients
Unique designer gift idea for business partners
Custom made packaging for corporate gift

Photo holder

At the office or home, your gift will find its
perfect place everywhere.

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Archicon pen holder

Maximum quality in minimal size – colorful plexiglass brings fun to the rigorous world of desktop system design.

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Office equipment gift for clients
Branded office gifts for corporate clients
A great business gift: futuristic desktop pen holder made from concrete
corporate gift idea for Christmas
Christmas gift idea for business clients
Christmas ornament Santa Claus the perfect business gift idea
concrete designer gift collection for MC-Bauchemie's business clients for Christmas
Christmas corporate gift for Lafarge Cement's business clients
Christmas buciness gift collection for Lafarge's business partners

Christmas ornaments

Playful and special gift for all partners during
the most festive season of the year.

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Trophies & awards

It’s always a pleasure to make concrete trophies, because they always make people smile.

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Unique custom made trophy design made of concrete and acrylic glass
wood and concrete relic for university student
Custom made trophy with plywood gift box

Brief story of our corporate gifting product line

In 2016, Anita was among the winners of the Moholy-Nagy László Design Scholarship, which led her designing corporate gifts and representative products. Gifts are a very important tool for branding, enhance brand loyalty, distinguish it from competitors while reflecting the company’s vision. The partner gifts communicate about the company and it’s values.

All orders fulfilled directly under the supervision of the founder designer. The team and their knowledge behind the brand provide the high-quality of hundreds of pieces.