Unique Concrete Design Gifts
Institutions & Companies

Our own design products – besides the unique added value – are conversation starters and memorable. Your business gifts designed by AB concrete design won’t forgotten in the darkness of a drawer, but they will be proudly exhibited, showed, used, and taken on the reputation of your company.

To whom do we recommend our representative partner gift collections?

Everyone to who matters that the gift of the company is lasting, valuable and unique. Concrete as a material can be a clear choice for construction companies, design firms or design-oriented companies, but the specialty, unusualness and unique design of the products means enormous added value for every customer. With our professional processes we can create any sophisticated line or reproduce any logo, artwork, or visual element on the concrete or on the packaging with maximum aesthetics.


Our jewellery products come in a variety of packaging which can be chosen by the customer, and they range from the products being placed on a basic piece of cardboard to them being placed in an extraordinary concrete box. Our products are made with accessories made of hypoallergenic, silver coloured, stainless steel, so they are safe and comfortable to wear for everyone.

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concrete pins

The basic shape of the pins will be adjusted to the logo of the customer’s company. With our technique that ensures that even the slightest details will appear on the design we can reproduce the logo in a linear or saturated versions. The metallic part that is used for fastening the pin is available in silver or copper color.

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If you are looking for a truly special and lasting present, either for a company Christmas party, end-of-the-year event, or promotional merchandise, with the Christmas ornaments that were brought to life by Anita Boldog (AB Concrete Design) and graphic designer Eszter Muray you will sure make an impression.

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