Awards for ÉPDUFERR

unique trophy design

Fortunately, there are always more and more exciting projects to work on. At the request of ÉPDUFERR For example, we were able to make awards again and not on the occasion of any event!

As a general contractor and general contractor, ÉPDUFERR Nyrt. has been present in various fields of the construction industry for many years. They set up their business in 2004 with the aim of playing a role in the construction industry by manufacturing quality locksmiths and steel structures.

It is a huge step and event that the company’s shares have been listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange and the first BSE will ring in February, or the first trading day. Congratulations again and it’s a great feeling to be a part of it somehow. How? Well, we’re still planning awards, but not just any!

custom made trophy award

We used to make items for them for the golf cup and it is an honor to have chosen them all this time as well. We always like to receive further inquiries from our previous partners, as this also proves that mutual satisfaction was present during the projects and we managed to meet the ideas of the customers. It’s great that concrete objects are so popular!

designer concrete trophies
custom made concrete award
concrete trophies for company

But what are the objects just made like?

The objects made during the previous golf cup project served as a basis for us, because our customer wanted to see the light gray rustic concrete, the plastic logo and the semi-opal acrylic sheet again in the current project with a small change. It was a special request that this time the burgundy color also appear in the image and that the logo be included in the original colors on the acrylic plate.

award for stock exchange celebration 2

We wanted the stock market theme to appear on the items as well, so we formally made a subtle reference to stock market charts, which is why the concrete element is in the form of a simplified line showing steady value growth. And in one place there is a smaller horizontal section to make the graph comparison clearer.

The burgundy color appears at the top of the concrete element, in the silhouette part of the graph, where it joins the acrylic sheet. It is also a good indication of the increase in the value of the company that this line appears in the image color.

It is an honor for us that Épduffer Nyrt. is satisfied with AB Concrete Design after several cooperation and gave us feedback on why they like to work with us and why they recommend us: 

“Again due to our positive experience; quality, uniqueness, flexibility and yet fast execution.”  – ÉPDUFERR Nyrt.

custom made trophy designer
concrete trophy designer
concrete trophy manufacturing

The event where the awards were presented turned out to be very large-scale. On 11th February, significant change was released with a Press release: „The company’s 50 million ordinary shares were registered on the BSE Xtend platform by the end of 2021. The company subsequently carried out a successful private equity capital increase, raising almost HUF 1 billion in capital. Within the framework of the share capital increase, 19,891,078 ordinary shares with a nominal value of HUF 10 each were also issued.” (Press release)

custom made trophies event
unique trophy manufacturer
unique concrete trophy with packaging

We would like to express our joy again because we have been able to take part in such a great and significant event with our prizes and we hope that we will work with Épduffer Nyrt. on many projects in the future.

What occasion can I order a designer trophy for?

It could be professional or sporting competitions, corporate celebrations, a souvenir of the completion of a successful project, a gift from staff to recognize a distinguished anniversary or outstanding achievement, or a leadership gift.

brutalis concrete trophy
gliding club trophy
concrete award for design terminal 1
music award made of concrete
concrete trophy for fintech 1
concrete trophy

We dream trophies and souvenirs together with our customers. We find the solution for every idea, and our creativity provides added design value. Thanks to our experience in material associations, in addition to high-quality professional concrete, we also use a number of additional materials.

You can read more about trophies and awards here.