Unique Concrete Jewellery as Business Partner Gifts

Receiving jewelry as a gift is much more personal than something that is not at all lasting, like a buquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. It expresses the true appreciation that women in business deserve. Our concrete jewellery represent delicate elegance, strength, and stability – such values that need to be recognized and rewarded as well. 

Why is a piece of designer concrete jewellery the perfect gift?

The world of corporate gifts has changed tremendously in the past couple of years. It is important for us to keep up with the market needs and according to our experience a corporate gift has to be unique, functional and also timeless. The items in our jewellery collection will be eternal fond memories, that your business partners will be happy to wear. We only use surgical stainless steel for our jewellery, so wearing them is perfectly safe for everyone.

Designer necklace for business outfit

The pieces in our collection are unusual and memorable. These accessories will be elegant, and also extravagant complementary items of your business partners’ and colleagues’ outfits – both in and out of the office. The unexpected choice of material is the perfect metaphor for a good business relationship: durable, stable, long-lasting and trustworthy.

How does the packaging become part of the gift itself?

The packaging needs to be perfect as well, as there is no second chance at making a first impression. We can offer several packaging methods, as it is important for us to tailor every single item that comes with the gift itself to the brand’s profile. We work with high quality cardboard and different techniques, therefore we can make sure that the company logo appears on the packaging in an elegant but also durable way – we care about this as much as we care about the product itself. Based on our customers’ feedback we can say that the boxes our jewellery comes in stay in use in the long run, just like the gifts inside them: those who receive the gift tend to store the concrete accessories in the box they came in.

Luxury designer concrete jewelry with elegant giftbox

Gift design concrete jewellery to your male and female business partners

The AB Concrete Design team is happy to take on the challenge of providing your customers with a unified yet fully personalized business gift – from design to execution to packaging. With our accessories, we think not only of your female but also of your male business partners and customers.

Check out our collection of cufflinks for men!

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Exclusive designer concrete jewels as corporate gifts with customized giftbox for Skanska
Exclusive concrete jewels for business clients with elegant cardboard giftbox branded for Skanska
Concrete jewels for business partners with customized packaging
Corporate gifts for MC-Bauchemie Hungary made of their concrete
Cool cufflinks as corporate gifts for buiness partners with custom made giftbox
Cufflinks as elegant business gifts
Corporate gift cufflinks with branded giftbox
Concrete cufflinks in custom giftbox with logo. An excellent corporate gift.

GEO Concrete Jewelry Collection

– in the shape of gems

Sleek design, pinpoint details, finely crafted surfaces characterize our jewellery – everything that makes a business gift unforgettable. Our concrete jewelry includes three types of earrings and two types of necklaces, available in three classic concrete colors: white, gray and anthracite.

Would you like to buy a pair of GEO earrings, a necklace or a complete set?
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Triangle shaped concrete jewelry set design and made by AB Concrete Design
Triangle geometric dark concrete jewelry set
White triangle shaped designer necklace for wedding

BASIC Concrete Jewelry Collection
For fans of minimalistic shapes and pastel colours 

Why would you have to give the exact same gift to each and every one of your corporate partners? Everybody likes surprises and uniqueness – we can discuss the details of the packaging and we will make sure that the contents of the boxes will be all differently shaped and coloured earrings and cufflinks. 

The simple geometric forms and the polished surfaces leave room for the concrete material and the colours to play. The tiny specks of gravel create a pattern that cannot be replicated in the terrazzo version. The BASIC collection has four shapes, and within that, four different versions and a number of colour variations, both in monochrome and terrazzo.

Frequently asked questions

Can I order jewellery without the gift boxes?

Yes, that is an option as well. In this case the jewellery will be put on a cardboard card and placed in a plastic baggy.

Is it possible for our own graphic designer to design the packaging?

Naturally, yes, and in this case we will discuss the details with the graphic designer.

Can I order the jewellery in a unique colour?

Yes, we can mix any colour, and in the case of a unique colour order an extra fee and a longer production time will need to be expected.

Can I order jewellery in a unique shape?

Yes, there is a way for this as well. When there is a need for a unique design, we can provide an offer after personal consultation.

What is the delivery process?

Delivery is by courier service according to a pre-agreed deadline. It is also possible to pick up in person in Budapest.

Some examples from our designer corporate gift projects with different packaging solutions

Custom designed concrete corporate gifts 

Our design objects, which are both developed and produced by us - besides their unique design value - are conversation starters and are very memorable. We are convinced that a promotional gift has to be original, and of a high standard, radiating professionalism and faithfully representing the company.

Exclusive business gift with Skanska logo and custom made packaging
Terrazzo concrete pen holder as corporate gift for Skanska
Concrete jewels for business partners with customized packaging
Customized designer corporate gift collection with unique packaging
Custom made branded giftbox for concrete business gifts
Business gift collection with custom made packaging
Futuristic design office desk pen holder with branded box by concrete designer
Corporate gift cufflinks with branded giftbox

Choosing to use concrete as the material for them can be an easy choice for construction companies, architecture firms, or any design-related company, yet this special and unexpected material, combined with original designs will bring on a great amount of added value for everyone who decides to order from us.

You can read more about concrete corporate gifts and order placements here.

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