At AB Concrete Design, we believe that corporate gifts can be exciting, eye-catching, memorable and even unique. There are moments worth celebrating in the life of an enterprise: first business under the roof, first foreign partner, an important meeting can serve as an opportunity to give something to the other party.

A good reason for concrete jewellery as business gift

In addition to the unique design value, our self-designed and custom-made concrete design objects are unusual and memorable. If you are looking for a gift for your partners or clients that represents the long-term value of your company, or you want to find an elegant yet extravagant accessory to your staff uniforms, our concrete jewelry is the perfect choice,

Geometric designer jewelry for business outfit or casual wear
Designer necklace for business outfit

Personal and timeless gifts

We follow the evolution of corporate gift culture: in recent years, it has become more common to have the logo or label only on the packaging. If you surprise your customers with a memorable gift, there’s no need to have the logo on the gift – it will be an eternal memory without the logo on them.  They will love to wear them.

I would like to present our male and female partners with design concrete jewels.

Jewelry is the perfect choice for all your partners. We have worked on several orders where we made cufflinks for male partners, necklaces, earrings or jewelry sets for ladies. We can coordinate the packaging of different concrete jewelry, and you can request corporate gifts in exactly the same or different gift boxes.

Exclusive designer concrete jewels as corporate gifts with customized giftbox for Skanska
Concrete jewels for business partners with customized packaging
Gifts for diplomats
Can metal accessories cause allergic reactions?

Our products are made with silver-colored anti-allergenic medical metal accessories, so they are safe and comfortable for everyone to wear.

Packaging that doesn’t end up in the trash

We all know the exciting moments before opening a gift, where packaging also plays a big role. It must be perfect as the first impression is unrepeatable. We have countless packaging solutions because it is important for us that packaging doesn’t end up in the trash. We work with high quality cardboard and various techniques so your logo can be displayed gently and elegantly on a lasting and elegant surface – we pay the same attention to the product and the packaging. According to our customers ‘feedback, the gift boxes remain in use as long as the jewels themselves: the recipients continue to store the concrete accessory in them.

Luxury business gift for women with elegant giftbox
Exclusive concrete business gift for women with elegant packaging
Is it also possible to have a packaging design ready?

We can also packaging with ready-to-use graphic design. If you have your own graphic artist, he or she can also design the box: we’ll send you a packing plan, your graphic designer need to send us back the ready-to-use version, so you can get your concrete gifts with your own design.

Can I order jewelries without packaging?

Yes! In this case, the packaging is a cardboard card in a transparent nylon pouch. We can put your company’s visual identity elements (e.g. colour, logo) on the cardboard.

GEO concrete jewelry set – in the shape of gems

The nobility of concrete is highlighted by a design that resembles gemstones. The jewels have an elegant and extravagant look – this was our founder designer’s first concrete jewelry collection, with a focus on the material.

Our concrete jewelry includes three types of earrings and two types of necklaces, available in three classic concrete colors: white, gray and anthracite. The clear look, the pinpoint details, the finely crafted surfaces are the highlights of our jewelry – everything that makes a business gift unforgettable.

Designer geometric pendant and necklace made of concrete
Triangle shaped concrete jewelry set design and made by AB Concrete Design
Triangle geometric dark concrete jewelry set
White triangle shaped designer necklace for wedding

BASIC concrete jewelry collection – for lovers of minimalist shapes and pastel colours