A good reason for concrete jewellery as business gift

In addition to the unique design value, our self-designed and custom-made concrete design objects are unusual and memorable. If you are looking for a gift for your partners or clients that represents the long-term value of your company, or you want to find an elegant yet extravagant accessory to your staff uniforms, our concrete jewelry is the perfect choice,

Designer necklace for business outfit
Geometric shaped concrete designer jewelry set
Geometric designer jewelry for business outfit or casual wear

Concrete Jewelry set

Our concrete jewelry set includes three types of earrings and two necklaces, available in three classic concrete colors: white, gray and anthracite. The clear look, the pinpoint details, the finely crafted surfaces are the hallmarks of our jewelry – everything that makes a business gift unforgettable.

Designer geometric concrete necklace with pendant. Gives the sense of a refined chrystal.
Designer geometric pendant and necklace made of concrete
Designer concrete earrings for business wear and leisure

Diverse branding and packaging options

You can choose our jewelry on a card or in a gift box – both options provide the perfect backdrop for your business logo, while we adjust the color of the paper to your company’s visual identity, too. And the box can function not only as a gift wrap, but also as a storage box, the highlight of a dressing table. Our products are made with silver-colored anti-allergenic medical metal accessories, so they are safe and comfortable for everyone to wear.

AB Concrete Design is Hungary’s leading design concrete studio, founded by Anita Boldog in 2012. Our continuously expanding product range includes concrete jewelries, men’s accessories, home decors and office equipment. For corporate customers, we provide concrete partner gifts and unique design solutions.

If you want an offer, please contact us at anita@abconcretedesign.com; if you are looking for our products, visit our webshop!