More awards have been made!

trophy designed by dora pete

There are many ongoing works in the background, and this time we were able to produce media prizes for the Hungarian Lutheran Church. It was a pleasure to work with them and it was great to see the results.

Now we have made objects that are reflections of each other. The two objects have the same size and basic shape. Graphic artist Dóra Pete chose from the basic forms we suggested and designed graphics and inscriptions for them. Dóra is happy to recall the work, about which she shared some details with us:

logo on concrete surface

“It was a professional challenge and a pleasure to work on the graphic design of the media communication awards of the Hungarian Lutheran Church. I had to create a unified image that included two interlocking logos, their diplomas, social media appearances, and tangible trophies. In my view, I have succeeded in showing that demanding, professional-quality journalism is enriched with a tangible prize that is also demanding. In good cooperation with both AB Concrete Design and the Hungarian Lutheran Church, the graphic design and execution of the award was created, which I hope further increased the celebration of the presentation of the media communication awards.”

The Press Committee of the Hungarian Lutheran Church presented the Bornemisza Péter and Írónád awards for the second time. The ceremony was on April 22 this year – according to an article published on

trophy designed by dora pete
pete dora designed trophy
ironad concrete award for writers
bornemissza award for writers

Congratulations to the winners: Beáta Kézdi with the Írónád prize and Barna Borbás with the Péter Bornemisza Award. Their awards are light gray concrete blocks with delicate plastic patterns, with a pen pattern replaced instead of a feather pattern and a female profile on the other.

151 20220422 mediadijak atadoja foto Magyari Marton 20
151 20220422 mediadijak atadoja foto Magyari Marton 6
151 20220422 mediadijak atadoja foto Magyari Marton 7
151 20220422 mediadijak atadoja foto Magyari Marton 11
151 20220422 mediadijak atadoja foto Magyari Marton 12
151 20220422 mediadijak atadoja foto Magyari Marton 16
151 20220422 mediadijak atadoja foto Magyari Marton 17

Photographer: Márton Magyari

It was a clean, pleasant, yet exciting, so to speak, playful end result, especially when we look at the two awards side by side. Yet the objects became unique as mirror images of each other. 

Our customers were pleased with the awards, and we would like to thank you for their trust and for working together:

“The brand represents an ideal – professionalism, dedication, commitment to quality, durability, and added value in detail – that can appeal to companies that profess the same. I would like to recommend it to all customers who identify with these values ​​while getting a truly creative solution after thinking together.”  – Anna Eszter Zászkaliczky, Communications Officer, Hungarian Lutheran Church

What occasion can I order a designer trophy for?

It could be professional or sporting competitions, corporate celebrations, a souvenir of the completion of a successful project, a gift from staff to recognize a distinguished anniversary or outstanding achievement, or a leadership gift.

brutalis concrete trophy
gliding club trophy
concrete award for design terminal 1
music award made of concrete
concrete trophy for fintech 1
concrete trophy

We dream trophies and souvenirs together with our customers. We find the solution for every idea, and our creativity provides added design value. Thanks to our experience in material associations, in addition to high-quality professional concrete, we also use a number of additional materials.

You can read more about trophies and awards here.