Property Investment Awards – concrete design trophies for the most anticipated real estate event of the year

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Property Investment Awards, organized by the Portfolio Group is one of the most anticipated events of the year, as it is the largest real estate meetup. Visitors have a chance to get a complete, detailed and up-to-date picture of the industry during the one-day event. The presenters invited are the decision makers and experts of the Hungarian real estate market.

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During the evening there is an award ceremony as a closing moment, where the most excellent professionals are awarded. As the event is quite prominent, and so are the awards, it was important for the Portfolio Group to present the winners with exclusive trophies.

It is an honor for the AB Concrete Design team to have designed and produced trophies for the real estate business scene.

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The client was open to unique solutions during the design process, therefore we had a chance to apply one of our newly developed technologies, an extra thin concrete texture. In the production process materials and the distinct form language of construction were used. The trophies themselves are acrylic plates, placed onto wooden bases. There is engraved text on the plates, which, due to how the light breaks on them, appears quite spectacularly.

The names of those being awarded were engraved on the wooden base, and the company’s logo appears as a negative image in the texture of the thin concrete surface. The awards were given in 13 different categories. Due to the pandemic, the award ceremony happened as part of an online event, and it is admirable that it was possible to organize it despite the difficult situation, as it is especially important to give such awards to those who earned them.

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Photo by Akos Stiller

Our customer, the Portfolio Group gave us the following feedback on the AB Concrete Design products and services.

Naturally, we were happy to choose a Hungarian designer to work with, as their work is of perfectly high quality. We did not have to look for a long time and after a quick and evident decision-making process, we placed our vote on AB Concrete Design.

We hadn’t had a chance to work with this company before, but after the Property Investment Awards in November 2020 we got in touch with them and ordered trophies for another event for an agribusiness event, where awards were given in 7 categories. As we see it, this in itself is the best way to show how happy we were with their work. According to the feedback we got from those being awarded, they also found the trophies exclusive and unique.

You can find more details on the event and the award ceremony in this article.

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What occasion can I order a designer trophy for?

It could be professional or sporting competitions, corporate celebrations, a souvenir of the completion of a successful project, a gift from staff to recognize a distinguished anniversary or outstanding achievement, or a leadership gift.

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We dream trophies and souvenirs together with our customers. We find the solution for every idea, and our creativity provides added design value. Thanks to our experience in material associations, in addition to high-quality professional concrete, we also use a number of additional materials.

You can read more about trophies and awards here.