Concrete Trophies to Reward the best Hungarian Wedding Photographers

wedding photo award trophy

This year, for the sixth time, the website MAEF – Hungarian Wedding Photographers is launching a photo competition specifically for Hungarian wedding photographers, where applicants can compete in front of a professional jury. These competitions are important because the results, apart from providing professional feedback to a narrow community, can be a reference point for prospective clients.

The winners of the previous, fifth edition of the competition have already received AB Concrete Design prizes along with their awards. To mark the occasion, we now spoke to the organisers!

wedding photography trophies

What works have been awarded in previous years’ competitions? What was special and outstanding about them?

Mátyás Sarvady: Hungarian wedding photographers could apply to our competition, and their best photos taken in the year before the competition were awarded in the categories of couples and moments captured. Last year we also had a fun special prize category called Animals at the Wedding. From the very beginning, we have placed great emphasis on the composition of the professional jury to ensure that outstanding entries are selected as finalists in our competition. Each of the winning and winning images has a unique detail, composition or story that is valuable to the photographer.

What is the current trend in wedding photography? What do your clients like?

Mátyás Sarvady: In recent years, there has been a growing demand for more personal and unique needs in weddings and photography, both in terms of style and other wedding features. In response to this, a layer of wedding photographers has developed in our country who are able to meet the new expectations. Photographers who are creative and flexible enough to innovate are the ones who can do well now. Trends are changing faster than ever before, so it’s hard to single out any one particular trend.

Why do you think it is important that the prize is physically embodied?

Mátyás Sarvady: One is that nowadays almost everything is done in the digital world, online, and at the same time physical things are becoming more valuable. A tangible prize therefore has a value, which raises the quality of the competition and the prize awarded. And if we’re going to give a physical prize, we didn’t want to give the winners a commercial, shop-bought prize. Related to this, another aspect is to raise awareness of Hungarian designers and designers, to support them by giving them a platform for their work. The winning photographers will be awarded with a truly special piece of art.

wedding photo trophy

We chose a very simple basic shape for the logo, which is reminiscent of folk art motifs, with a rectangular shape from the front. The concrete block, which provides the base and stability of the object, is open-worked in a round shape, allowing it to be seen through like a camera lens. The logo thus becomes a little spatial, divided into two parts, one part appearing on the clear acrylic sheet and the other on the concrete surface. Prizes were awarded for three placings in two different categories, all of the same size, all on a uniform anthracite grey base, with only the gold, silver and bronze foil marking the ranking. The public vote award was given a light grey concrete base and dark grey lettering.

293Győrfi Borti Péter

Couple Category – First Place
Péter Győrfí-Bátori


Moments Category – First Place
Balázs Farkas


Couple Category – Second Place
Alpár Lukácsi


Moments Category – Second Place
Diána Duba


Couple Category – Third Place
Ákos Erdélyi


Moments Category – Third Place
Szabolcs Kőhidai

210Erdélyi Ákos

Audience Award Winner

Ákos Erdélyi

Congratulations to all last year’s winners and we are happy that our awards have found their rightful place! Good luck to all the photographers who entered this year!

Read more about the entry requirements and the competition here.