Metallic sparkle and unique concrete for MC-Bauchemie

Concrete jewels for business partners with customized packaging

We created a collection of different products for one of our oldest clients, MC-Bauchemie. We have a longstanding relationship with the company, not only professionally, but personally, too, and their annual end-of-year orders are always a special occasion for AB Concrete Design.

The tiny gift boxes are made of metallic, shining cardboard. Each of them contains a different pair of candy colored BASIC terrazzo earring or BASIC terrazzo cufflinks.

In addition to them, terrazzo Cubo picture frames are part of the collection. They were made with exciting blue glass tiles and snow-white concrete. The blue-white colors evokes the corporate’s visual identity, as does the logo on the cardboard tape that covers the acrylic sheets.

The terrazzo technology is in focus at the company lately, therefore it was obvious they choose these products from our product range. AB Concrete Design has been working with MC-Bauchemie’s materials since the brand was established, so these products will not only be partner gifts for MC-Bauchemie but also a sample of their professional material.

Our biggest order so far has not been made specifically for the holiday season. Pieces of the unique gift collection will represent the company during the next year at various negotiations and meetings.

These unique corporate gifts are wrapped in exclusive, high quality glitter cardboard with engraved logo. The logo is interesting because it was designed by graphic artist Muray Eszter to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hungarian representation of the company. She also created the graphics for AB Concrete Design. In addition to the collection we designed and produced, this logo will be included on all corporate gifts of MC-Bauchemie.

Customized designer corporate gift collection with unique packaging

AB Concrete Design is Hungary’s leading design concrete studio, founded by Anita Boldog in 2012. Our continuously expanding product range includes concrete jewelry, men’s accessories, home decor and office equipment. For corporate customers, we provide concrete partner gifts and unique design solutions.

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