AB Concrete Design x Ódor Viktor / AB CUBO Collab 2021

odor viktor tattoo artist

Let us introduce Ódor Viktor /@overmindink/, tattoo artist, who told us how it is possible to create exciting patterns, using the natural lines of the human body, as well as what his experience was like while working on the AB CUBO COLLAB project, stepping out of the two dimensional world and exploring the interesting and challenging parts of 3D.

Why do you think it is important to have objects and products in our environment that are not mass-produced but individually made in small quantities?

The thing is, collecting and owning different objects is not my cup of tea. But there’s a but. On the one hand, I think it is important to support talented artists, and on the other hand, I can imagine that an object that was picked out and purchased with intent can bring a fresh aspect to everyday life, and turn our places of living into real homes, our working environment more pleasant, it can be a source of inspiration and a thought provoking item, which also helps us be more relaxed. At the same time, as consumers, it is vital that we keep a healthy balance between procuring mass produced and original pieces.

odor viktor artist tattoo

What is your definition of design?

The first thing that comes to mind is designing objects, and the terrifying feeling that I get when I think about the fact, that every single – useless or useful – item around us is a product of a careful design and development process. Therefore design, in my book, is not the Zaha Hadid object we can find in a crypto-millionaire’s living room in Los Angeles, or Hochkunst objects carefully arranged in white cubes, which can only be experienced by the one percent. It is rather something that is part of our everyday lives – making this world a more bearable place. Design is also functional. It is functional aesthetics, not to mention stylish.

odor viktor tattoo artist
viktor odor tattoo design
tattoo design by odor viktor

As a tattoo artist, what excites your imagination the most right now? Is it important for you to push the boundaries of the profession?

tatto design viktor odor

My main inspiration was the waves created by the lines of the human body, and what we can do with these. My other source of inspiration were the nonfigurative, neo tribal designs in an up-to-date, futuristic context, placed in a way that they can enhance the favored parts of a body, sometimes even putting them in a new framework. This all might seem mystical at first, but it isn’t – after some examination these lines, created by the muscles, tendons and bones will appear.

The limits or borders of this are quite strict, meaning the dimensions, techniques and tools, but there is space for innovation. Personally I find transhumanism, the relation of humans and machines, very exciting, just like the futuristic visions based on science-fiction. I wish to develop in this direction with my works, as far as aesthetics are concerned.

At which point in your life did you know for sure that you wished to be a tattoo artist?

There is a thin line here. I would not consider tattoo art a fine art, it is much closer to applied graphics. This is a profession that I find truly exciting and beautiful, one which naturally has deeper dimensions, incredible visions, but more often that not, this is a service which is only scratching the surface, referring to the motifs and patterns which have been overused. But, to answer the question as well: I decided to become a tattoo artist when I got my first tattoo.

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How did you come to know AB Concrete Design?

I met Anita and her work through mutual friends.

viktor odor tattoo
odor viktor tattoo

What inspired you to participate in the #ABCUBOCOLLAB2021 project?

Being asked, in the first place, and also the new dimensions. Lliterally. I had a feeling that it would be amazing to create something in 3D, stepping out of the two dimensional world, and I was right at that.

Of course I forgot all the advice I got, regarding the material at the beginning, so during the creative process there was need for a bit of creative invention, as far as the tools and the methods are concerned. I was happy to be able to collaborate.

viktor odor tattoo portrait