Unique and definitely useful workstation gift. A fully customizable & brandable designer product, which helps you organise your desk.

The not-your-mainstream business card holder

A desk accessory that evokes the silhouette of a metropolis. It fits perfectly into a modern or traditional office. It can serve as a business card or phone holder, and it can be a real decoration of any kind of room.

concrete design corporate gift collection: business card holder, pen holder, office desk equipment
Brutalist archtecture London Hayward gallery

‘Neat’ brutalist design office desktop accessories

The shape of the ARCHICON designer concrete desktop accessories collection was inspired by the brutalist architecture style that was ever so popular in the 60s. These miniature versions of fictional buildings can be tiny, but still stunning decorations of a desk, and altogether they create a miniature model of a city.

Highly customizable (and useful) office accessory for employees and business partners with various branding options

The logo can be placed either on the concrete surface or on the packaging (or both), depending on the needs of the customer. The color of the packaging and the print on it are both customizable. Before shipping it is either placed in a cardboard box or tied with a cardboard band.

Productive assembling process

After choosing the product and providing us with the logo in vector format, we are able to create 3-5 versions of a preview regarding the placement and sizing of the logo (this does not mean any extra cost). In case the preview does not meet the customer’s expectations, we can create one or more samples.

The birth of the ARCHICON collection

This exclusive, premium promotional merchandise collection of desk accessories was made in 2016 for the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant. The grant has been operating for more that ten years and it aims to foster the development of young designers and forward their professional progress, to add to development of the Hungarian design and interior culture, and with the integration of design into the national economy, further increase the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy. The prestigious grant is given to six young designers each year.