Concrete Pins for Graduates

Custom made concrete pins for architecture students with the university's logo

There are unambiguous encounters in life – the Szent István University’s Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering is just such a relationship: it is a natural choice to give their graduates a concrete badge as a final present.

Thanks to our professional and unique technology, the faculty’s logo can be displayed in two colors, in excellent quality. The gray badges were given to the bachelor graduates, white ones were given to the students in the master’s degree, packed in an elegant baron box.

We have been working with the faculty for a year now and not only we are proud of our cooperation, but also our customers are satisfied:

“The badges are very small, so they require meticulous work. We are very pleased with them, and the students liked this kind of innovation. Concrete as material is almost everywhere in the building industry, so we thought of such a unique and badge.”

We are delighted that we were part of on this important day of fresh architects, and we have designed a permanent gift that reminds them of the university for many years!

Blue concrete pins with university logo for architecture students

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