We participated in National Salon 2017.

The National Salon exhibition series, which is being held since 2014, aims to present the visual arts novelties, achievements and the most important Hungarian artists of the past ten years. This year, as the main theme was object creation, AB concrete design could be introduced in the museum space for the first time.

A hundred-page, demanding catalogue has been published, but it is worth visiting the online catalog of the exhibition, which also gives a perfect picture of the incredible diversity of this field.

Our brand was represented by the CONCRETEDICTION shelf and dent. The collection’s name comes from the mix of the English words concrete and contradiction: these concrete objects give the impression of softness, which is surprising considering their raw material.

The way of making is special, too, as all the pieces get a unique pattern, because the wet concrete actually fills the space available under freely controlled conditions. The metal parts are also incorporated in this state, thus creating an organic connection between the two materials while the metal forms the concrete as well.

The interest in the subject is well illustrated by the fact that it was the most visited National Salon of all time in Műcsarnok – we are proud that we had been a part of it!