Concrete Pebbles in Hotel Kolping

Shaped as organic rocks and anatomically carved these pebbles will help you to relax and rest. Pebblies were costume-made for a special, 4 star hotel, famous for its child friendly policy, called Kolping Hotel. All of the equipments at the hotel were made to entertain or relax children and adults as well. They asked AB concrete design to create a series of concrete lounge seats suitable for everyone.

The organic shaped Pebblies can be enjoyed as minimalistic and beautiful landscape design elements but for the more adventurous children mind, they are unknown heights need to be discovered. Pebblies face the beautiful view and were placed into the shade to avoid getting too hot.

The concrete surface is smooth even wearing bathing suits and the voids are comfortable for sitting in various positions. The largest one can accommodate about 5 people.