Award Design inspired by a Building Complex – Final Project Awards for ZÁÉV

project finishing award

The celebration of a major milestone in the life of a company or the completion of a large-scale project is a great opportunity to celebrate together, and a unique trophy is an excellent gift for colleagues to keep as a memento of a successful project. In the summer of 2023, ZÁÉV Construction Zrt. approached us with a commission to create unique trophies to mark the opening of the new campus of the Hungarian University of Sports Science in Csörsz Street.

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When designing the trophies, the main criterion was that their style and character should somehow reflect the character of the completed building complex. The building complex includes several elements, including tennis courts, an underground car park and a multifunctional hall building. 

construct corporate award

Six awards were produced, with a uniform design and inscription. The brick body is anthracite in colour, with a plastic pattern on the front, which is a 3D version of the graphic pattern on the building’s facade. The inscription is in silver acrylic, the logo is also displayed and the duration of the project is shown with the year. In addition to these, we also added a Churchil quote on the sign, in the blue colour of the company’s logo. 

“We shape our buildings, then they shape us.”

It is important that the object of this kind is accompanied by tasteful and sophisticated packaging. The prizes are then ready to hand over. This time, we have placed the awards in a high quality matt black cardboard box with a grey sponge lining inside.

concrete award custom giftbox
award for successfull project

What occasion can I order a designer trophy for?

It could be professional or sporting competitions, corporate celebrations, a souvenir of the completion of a successful project, a gift from staff to recognize a distinguished anniversary or outstanding achievement, or a leadership gift.

brutalis concrete trophy
gliding club trophy
concrete award for design terminal 1
music award made of concrete
concrete trophy for fintech 1
concrete trophy

We dream trophies and souvenirs together with our customers. We find the solution for every idea, and our creativity provides added design value. Thanks to our experience in material associations, in addition to high-quality professional concrete, we also use a number of additional materials.

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