BLUB Nr.01. concrete tealight holder


€ 19.00

Nr01 is the smallest member of the BLUB tealight holder family. As all BLUBs the Nr01 is also have a smooth, polished surface and looks almot soft. Concrete usually thought to be heavy, these puffy, curvy tea light holders are the complete opposites. With their soft shape and the light of the candles these concrete beauties could be heartwarming and stylish accessories for your home. They fit well into any interior from minimal Scandinavian style to cozy and chic.

Extra information
The product does not contain the tealights. Please never left the open fire unattended!
Please consider that unlike the colors and size, the surface is never exactly the same. Some bubbles may occur, while some Blubs are completely smooth. Every item is unique because of the unpredictable, but fantastic features of concrete.
wipe clean only