When Anita Boldog, the founder designer of AB Concrete Design met for the first time with concrete, it soon became apparent that she had found the material to start her own design business with.
For most of us, concrete means great constructions and huge buildings – but Anita dreamed something else, made concrete jewels that were finely crafted, carefully designed and highly professional.

Designer jewelry – whether made in series or custom-made – reflects our beliefs and what we think about design: they are not bragging, but every little detail testifies the fact that the brand’s base are true design commitment and the highest professional quality. Numerous material experiments and colour tests, a series of specimens, and meticulous manual grinding and surface treatment precede the perfect result. To this end, the high-quality materials of the MC-Bauchemie and the professional toolpark of FabLab Budapest ensure the background to our design processes.

When a designer puts their soul into each piece, the wearer can be sure that the jewel has its own story and soul. But not just the designer, the soul of the material is equally important. While working on our own ideas or custom orders, everything is built around concrete from the first sketches to finished products. We would never change or cover the peculiarities of the material, rather we try to keep and highlight its beauty.

High end cuff buttons made of concrete.

Our never-sleeping professional curiosity has brought to life the terrazzo concrete cufflinks collections.

The small pieces of colored plastic blended into the concrete create a retro, yet modern effect while attracting attention with their exciting colour matching. They tell a whole story: white-blue Scandinavian coolness, hot summer nights with the lemon and anthracite colours, or grandma’s gray-red apron – the wearer completes the story.

For lovers of candy colours, we have dreamed of the BASIC collection, the pieces of which can be worn in a wide variety of variations. Cotton candy pink circle shape or mint green triangle? Maybe baby blue hexagons with tiny colored dots? Only the imagination limits your possibilities!

Cufflinks and badges are nowadays part of everyday life, whether they go with a wedding set, a meeting outfit or for a barbecue party with friends. Colours, shapes, materials and styles are getting more and more wearers – but why not do it with concrete designer pieces? It is difficult to choose only one of the many products available in many shapes and colors.

AB Concrete Design’s designer concrete jewelries represent the love and respect for a dedicated design material, the faith in maximalism (and sometimes minimalism), and the never-ending playful curiosity and experimentation that always leads to newer ideas and unique design solutions.

You can find all of our concrete jewelries, cuffs and badges in our webshop or in any of the super designer concept stores.