Beside our self-developed, self-produced projects, we are able to fulfill design commissions from ideas to finalized products. our versatile portfolio proves that we can design and with the help of our concrete technologist, fabricate almost any kind of concrete design products from small accessories to outdoor furniture.
In the last few years - baesd on our experience - we created a professional, transparent design workflow that is calculable and reliable. Our clients will always know what is happening and how. If you are looking for something special, or have an idea we can pour into concrete, contact us! 

       How  commissioned projects work?

Although every design process is different, but there are a few things you can know for sure. If you will contact us with an idea to design and manufacture in mass production, the steps are the follows:

       Contact and brainstorming

First of all contact us via e-mail, phone or in person and share as many information as you can about what you want to achieve and your time frame for the project.The more details we know, the more accurate price quote we can give you in the beginning.

Tell us about your idea, your target audience, show us visual inspirations is you can and please consider the future quantity of the objects.

       Creative design phase
This is the phase, when the actual design happens. After we agreed, signed a contract and get the deposit, we will come up with three different, basic, design sketches and concepts you can choose form. 
The one you like the best will be developed further. The last step of this phase rapid prototyping. This phase ands up with a 3D printed or concrete prototype ot the object.(In case of larger objects in representative fraction)

       Preparation for manufacturing

With our experience and knowledge on materials, coatings and techniques, we are able to design objects for mass production that is easy and feasible to manufacture. Our professional concrete technology team will consider the most resonable, feasable and effective way for manufacturing. 

       Actual manufacturing process

With frequent reports we will let you know how the process goes. At the end of this process, your objects will be handed over. All the designs can be branded, engraved or logos. 

For personalized and commissioned design orders, please contact us via e-mail or phone.